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Hello Visitor!!

I am a DJ JAY-B alias Angedeechuu and I present you my site personal Podcast. There are several categories and I tried to present it the simplest possible. The site is a personal design with my knowledge in webmaster...

Warning: for his contents and I prefer to prevent at once: The site is not profit-seeking, I am not to make money, nor to overshadow whoever, but to share what I like most : the music.
Music... It's all my life and it's my freedom of expression... And also a way of valuing the artists and the composers!!

The site is always in evolution. You can listen to, look at playlists, or go on the musical platforms to listen to, follow me if you want... There is a defect on the site and I let you discover it!!:)

On the other hand, if an artist, a composer, does not want to be in a podcast, or does not want to be known or other ( license), you can write me HERE and I kidnap of you at once of the playlist and the podcast. Well on, I shall be obliged to redo my podcast (with passion!!), well, that will be your choice!! A simple e-mail and I remove you from my WebSite.

Here is!! Now listen, have fun, and turn the volume up!! An angel who passes...